Top 10 Trends in Food: What’s Next in 2022 and Beyond – The Beet

Top 10 Trends in Food: What’s Next in 2022 and Beyond – The Beet

We ended 2020 wanting Covid to just be over and betting on plant-based chicken. Now, with so much plant-based chicken everywhere, we finish up 2021 still wanting Covid to be over – and a whole new set of exciting plant-based food options on the horizon. Here are our Top 10 Food Trend Predictions for 2022.

Note to the plant-based consumer hoping to eat healthier in 2022: Not all plant-based or vegan options coming your way are equally healthy. As always, you can be healthiest by making your own cashew cheese at home or creating a delicious burger from mushrooms and lentils and as always, load up on vegetables and fruit. iI’s always healthier to create your own food than to buy packaged items from the store. But sometimes, convenience calls, and we need to buy our plant-based products. When that happens, here is what to look for next. 

But even so-called transition foods like the first Beyond Burger or Impossible nugget you ever ate, that helped you move away from meat and dairy, are either better for you or are better for the planet, or both – and as more consumers than ever are concerned with climate change, plant-based options that have less impact on our greenhouse gas emissions are luring more people to make the switch. So while these gateway foods may be far from perfect, 2022 will see a plethora of options, making it easier than ever for more people to embrace a plant-based way of life.

Top Food Trend #1. Mycoprotein Makes Whole Cuts Possible

Made from a fungus related to the mushroom family, mycoprotein is a sustainable protein source that uses less water and resources to grow than soy, wheat, peas, or oats. When manipulated into food products, mycoprotein can replicate meat in texture and taste and satiate people’s cravings for the foods they love.

Now companies like The Better Meat Co, Nature’s Fynd, AtLast and Meati are all creating whole cuts of “meat” from mycelium (the strands in fungi that seek water and nutrients), as well as potatoes and more. They do this by using bio-mass fermentation. Mycoprotein is typically 45 percent protein and contains no cholesterol or fat, so is considered a healthy source. When perfected, this technology will be an industry game-changer for the center of the plate protein. 

Top Food Frend #2. Veggies of the Sea

According to a recent presentation by SPINS at Plant Base World Expo, retail dollars are spreading out from plant-based to burgers (so 2020)  to chicken (very 2021) and now fish (which will be big in 2022), and plant-based seafood is riding a wave that is only expected to gain in speed and momentum.

 Aqua Cultured Foods, Good Catch Tuna and …….


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